One of my favourite photos with my favourite person

So to anybody it may look like another cringy couple shot, but this is one of the photos that I actually loved from our DIY engagement shoot.  Basically, following Lee proposing in Ireland in July 2015, he was incredibly stingy when I asked should we have an engagement photoshoot, so refusing not to have one, I grabbed my camera, my tripod (RIP, it did not survive the day) and got us in the car on our way to Castle Ashby.

It was the afternoon when we finally managed to be ready and leave the house but as it was summer, the sun was staying at the right place in the sky to cast light and shade naturally enhancing the shots.  Those familiar with British weather may also appreciate our good fortune of actually having a dry sunny day on a summer weekend!  Following a stroll around we saw this tree which I insisted we took some shots on.  We (I) then set up the tripod and the camera, ensuring the camera was facing the tree at the correct zoom and focus (this is where Lee did actually help so as I could ensure he wasn’t blurry), only in doing this did I realise that my tripod was broken! It was only a cheapish one anyway, but that did not save the fact that I then had to improvise ensuring the camera was supported, self timer was on, and the tripod was going to hold out for the afternoon, too much stress when you’re trying to be glamorous, really.

Although the leaves are casting shadows on our faces, I don’t mind it as on the whole I really like the placement of the shadows from the tree on the ground, and think the whole picture balances well, bar how pale we are and how the sun only highlights this!

Not bad for when you’ve got 10 seconds to run back pose and look like you’ve been there longer!

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