Take me back

December 28th 2016, is the day that I married the love of my life (soppy bit over for this post). We got married in the most amazing place, Zell am See, Austria.

We had never been to Austria before, and had no known ancestral connections, but we wanted to get married abroad, and I really, really, REALLY wanted snow! So following a bit of a search online, we landed on Austria, and booked a package that could accommodate a Christmas to New Year date. ¬†Little did we know we had actually planned the most amazing trip we have been on to date, and it’s going to be very hard to beat!

The town itself is lovely, small enough to know where you are, but just large enough to make sure to keep busy, as well as being at the bottom of one of the ski lifts for Schmittenhohe, so easy access skiing. ¬†Unfortunately I had a horrible cold (which isn’t disappearing) the whole time, but that did not impact the trip at all and we still had an amazing time! I’ll save more detail for more pictures in other blogs when I feel nostalgic again, but this picture is from our first day there, just a wintry shot of the lake, with the dramatic clouds, and two little ducks swimming by.

I had the best time in Austria, and will hopefully get to go back again this Christmas!

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