Hi, I’m Dee. I’ve never really blogged before, nor have I ever written too much about me or things I like online, so starting a blog about photography is a little daunting and a little exposing for me, but hey, I love photography, think I’m okay at it, and feel like giving it a shot!


At the moment I am definitely more of a hobbyist but hopefully one day I can earn a little pocket money, but if not, I am perfectly happy capturing beautiful sights, scenery and memories!  I’ve always loved taking photos, which yes, is a cliche, but not a lie. I can be inspired by many things, but recently, my main inspiration is my gorgeous dog, Alfie (who will probably feature in a lot of pictures on this blog, sorry not sorry).


The main purpose of my blog is to tell a story with pictures I like, if no-one else likes them that’s fine, but I hope you do!